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Applying solutions such as TCA, Jesner Solution, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Fruit Acids to the face or problematic body parts for skin rejuvenation, acne-acne treatment, scar treatment and spot treatment is called chemical peeling.

Depending on the degree and severity of the discomfort, light, medium and deep chemical peeling solutions can be used.


A chemical peel penetrates the skin and causes the layers of skin to peel off. New, smooth skin is created underneath, which appears after the peeling process. Depending on what you want to achieve with the peeling, a superficial, medium-depth or deep chemical peel is recommended.

The chemical peeling makes the skin look homogeneous, fresh and young !!

Medical acne treatment / fruit acid peeling

Acne and blemished skin are not only a problem during puberty, but are also sometimes found in adults up to the age of 35. Modern dermatology has numerous therapeutic approaches to help those affected gently and effectively. Expert treatment can often prevent painful inflammation and the resulting ugly scarring. A fruit acid peel peels off the top layer of the skin. This is especially useful when the skin is thickened and scarred from a condition such as acne. This is where dead skin cells accumulate on the surface and can be removed. The peeling rejuvenates and smoothes the skin and is of course also used against wrinkles and furrows.


Open pores are a problem for many people, especially young girls. Some people value tight pores and of course everyone wants to have more radiant and more beautiful skin. The chemical peeling method is the easiest and most effective method of tightening pores. The peeling solution penetrates directly into the pores and ensures a thorough cleansing of the skin, tightening of the pores and rejuvenation of the skin tissue. After peeling in a thin layer, a shiny, clean, reconstructed, fresh and dynamic skin is formed under the peeling skin.


One of the most difficult and resistant diseases in dermatology is the treatment of pigment spots. Chemical peeling is also a very successful method in spot treatment. The peeling solution triggers the restructuring of the colored area, which allows the pigment cells collected in the colored area to be evenly distributed. With the chemical peeling method, we achieve very successful results with the stain-opening creams and sunscreens that we recommend for the treatment of stains.


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Chemical peeling is an easy to use and very effective method of skin rejuvenation that can be done in a short period of time. The most important feature that makes the use of chemical peel superior to other methods is that it not only rejuvenates the skin, but also tightens the pores and homogenizes the skin color. If the chemical peeling solution is applied to the whole face or whichever area, we can apply it to the whole area at the same time. For facial treatments, it can be applied to a wide area, including the neck, up to the V of the chest. The very short duration of the process and the fact that we can treat many problems at the same time with a single procedure makes the chemical peeling process superior to many skin rejuvenation procedures. The fact that such an effective method is cheaper than other methods increases the number of users.

The applied solution stimulates false burns under the skin, activates the skin’s repair mechanism, causes collagen synthesis from fibroblasts, helps to tighten and increase skin tone, prevents sagging and delays the aging process.

The chemical peel creates younger, livelier, dynamic and radiant skin by restructuring the surface of the skin.


This is one of the most common misconceptions I hear from my patients about chemical peel. Chemical peel does not thin your skin; on the contrary, you have much firmer, more compact and fresher skin. Will my skin get thinner if i do a lot of chemical peels? This is also a completely wrong belief. The more often you have a chemical peel, the firmer and rejuvenated your skin will be. A peeling is the easiest and cheapest application that has many skin benefits.


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