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The first place people with ingrown toenail seek treatment is usually hairdressers and foot care centers.

Patients who usually turn to the barber with ingrown toenails; During a pedicure, the pressure part of the ingrown nail is cut. Then a solution is sought by trying to widen the nail bed with warm compresses applied in different foot centers, cotton or wire systems.

However, all temporary procedures will only work if the root that elongates the nail, which is the main reason the nail sinks into the soft tissue, is removed from there.


Most common causes of ingrown toenails

Ingrown toenails can be promoted by using the wrong nail cutting technique. If the toenail is cut too far down at the edges (i.e. cut oval), they then grow into the surrounding nail bed more easily.

shoes that are too tight


Nail deformities

Fungal nail infections

Bad nail care

Genetic nail structure disorders

Congenital ingrown toenails


One of the major mistakes made by patients seeking ingrown nail treatment is to have the entire nail removed as a whole. The nail that was pulled as a whole will unfortunately grow out embedded in the same way.

The exact solution for ingrown toenails is extremely simple. By removing only the ingrown part with its root and preventing this root part from reappearing due to damage, the ingrown nail problem is finally solved.


After the ingrown part has been numbed with local anesthesia, the ingrown part with the nail bed is removed as a thin strip. Only after removing the bed, that is, the root part that forms the wreck and expands it; by rasping the part of the root that causes ingrown toenails; Ingrown toenail is treated safely.

Ingrown toenail treatment is so simple and straightforward. Ingrown nails are a very painful and painful condition. This situation results in patients wearing shoes, resuming normal daily life, and even experiencing pain while sleeping. It is treated with this highly effective procedure. Ingrown toenail treatment is completed in a very short time. After the procedure, there is no need to rest, on the contrary, the patient is relieved, since the sunken part is removed and can immediately return to his daily life and work. To avoid the risk of infection, treatment with short-term systemic antibiotics or topically applied creams is completed and the patient becomes healthy again.


Is It Possible To Treat Ingrown Toenails At Home? Is home wire application done in ingrown toenails?

Trying to be done at home or in nail care centers; Cotton treatments in the ingrown part, nail wire treatments; They can disrupt the structure of the nail and cause the nail to break. This home nail maintenance, efforts to treat an ingrown nail at home, can complicate the situation. Because of this, the best way would be to avoid doing such treatments at home and seeing a dermatologist who specializes in treating ingrown toenails.

Do you need a home tool for ingrown nails?

Ingrown nail treatment is not easy. It shouldn’t be done at home or by manicurists. It will be more accurate to be done by doctors who are experts in ingrown nails.

Ingrown nail that is difficult for manicurists at hairdressers to remove can be made much more complicated by adding an infection.

What to do if the ingrown toenail is inflamed, if there is an infection?

It is right to consult your dermatologist right away, start antibiotic treatment, and plan your ingrown nail treatment as soon as possible.

Is Ingrown Toenail Treatment Permanent?

Ingrown toenail treatment is a special surgical technique. It should be used by a good dermatologist who is familiar with this treatment. A dermatologist who specializes in this topic removes the sunken part with the root. If the part of the root that is causing the ingrown nail is rasped, the ingrown nail will definitely be treated. Despite all of this, nail cutting mistakes, poor nail care, and wearing pointy shoes can all cause the ingrown to reappear.

Can an ingrown nail be treated with Creme’s?

There is no such thing as an ingrown nail treatment cream. If the root portion that forms the wreck is not removed, procedures such as ingrown toenail creams, cotton applique, and wire applique will not produce results.

Are there also ingrown nails on the hands?

Although we often encounter this problem in the foot area, it is also possible to develop ingrown nails on the hands and nails.

Is Ingrown Toenail Treatment Painful?

The treatment with ingrown toenails is done with local anesthesia of the ingrown nail area. So no pain can be felt. Because the ingrown part is removed after the procedure, it can return to its normal life in a much more relaxed manner than it came in.


Our nail health is important. It’s also an important part of our beauty and aesthetics. In order not to have nail fungus and to avoid ingrown nails; and we should take care of our toenails. It would be very correct to cut our nails very short and not straight inward, to dry our nails from the sea after leaving the bath or pool, not to wear very pointy high-heeled shoes, and to wear cotton socks instead of synthetic socks that make your feet very sweaty. Nails are fed by their roots and blood, and their main diet is keratin, or protein. For this reason, eat high in protein; Leafy green vegetables, legumes are very beneficial for the health of our nails.


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