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Treatment of skin cysts

Skin cysts are closed lesions that are filled with fluid, pus, or some other substance.

Most of the cysts on the skin are fat cysts and abscesses.

They do not contain carcinogenesis. There is no risk of converting it into skin cancer. Cysts feel like tiny peas beneath the surface of the skin. Skin cysts usually develop as a result of skin infections or blockage of the sebum glands.


Skin cysts; They are closed bags of tissue that are filled with fluid, pus or fat. Skin cysts feel like a small pea beneath the surface of the skin, or as more painful, agile, or firmer lesions. Skin cyst removal after diagnosis is the main treatment.

If the diagnosis is abscess, much healthier treatment will be completed when the infection is suppressed with antibiotic treatment and topical treatments and abscess drainage are performed.

If a fat cyst is diagnosed, an incision is made according to the size of the lesion after numbing the lesion area with local anesthesia. After the fatty tissue in the cyst is completely removed, the treatment is completed by removing the sac that contains this fatty tissue.


Skin cysts do not turn into cancer. In addition, the cyst has no damage to the organ that it is located near. For example, when a fat cyst is removed from the scalp, “something happens to my brain” no !!! The fat cyst is in a sac and is superficial. It does not cause damage to the nearby lesion. On the contrary, waiting there without being removed can lead to problems in the future that will turn into bacterial infection.


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